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Court reporters use portable steno machines and laptop computers and can work from almost anywhere.
A Diploma in Court Reporting can lead to any of the following exciting and in-demand careers: Court Reporting, Broadcast Captioning, CART Service Provider, Medical Transcription, Webcasting, Scopistry
There are many exciting opportunities for court reporters in Canada and overseas.

In legal proceedings, court reporters are the guardians of the record. Court reporters are present in legal examinations and court cases. They take down the words spoken by everyone during the proceedings and afterwards prepare a formal transcript of what was said. The transcript helps safeguard everyone's rights in the legal process.

Realtime Court Reporting

Realtime court reporters are the elite of the profession; they turn spoken words into text as quickly and accurately as the speakers say them. Our realtime court reporters are not just fast, but well-trained in courtroom procedures, legal and medical terminology, English grammar, and the best transcript production practices. Graduates with a realtime court reporting diploma can choose from a variety of lucrative careers.

Click on each job title for an expanded description.

  • Realtime Court Reporting
  • Broadcast Captioning
  • CART Service Provider
  • Webcasting

Court Reporting

The name of our diploma is "court reporting," but the ability to turn the spoken word into text is highly in demand in fields and professions outside the courtroom as well.

  • Non-Realtime Court Reporting
  • Medical Transcription
  • Scopistry
  • Offline Webcasting
  • Note Taking