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CCVS Staff

CCVS has a full staff of teaching professionals who are committed to the success and well-being of our students.

Kimberley Stewart, Founder of CCVS and ASAP Reporting Services

Kimberley Stewart
Founder of CCVS and ASAP Reporting Services

After spending years as a contract court reporter, Kimberley launched her own court reporting firm, ASAP Reporting Services, in April of 1995. Through her work with ASAP, Kimberley came to realize that the shortage of Realtime reporters affected not only her business' continued evolvement, but that the deficit was inciting a crisis within the reporting and captioning industries nationwide. She conceived of CCVS as a means of addressing that deficit in order to fortify the landscape of the court reporting industry and ensure the continuing success of the profession. Kimberley is an expert in her field who has worked on numerous high-profile cases all over the world and continues, through ASAP, to work with the biggest names in the legal industry.

Alexandra Bolintineanu, English Instructor

Alexandra Bolintineanu, B.Sc. (Hons), M.A., Ph. D.
English Instructor

Alexandra comes to CCVS with over ten years of teaching experience in higher education. She received a B.Sc. in Computer Science and English from the University of Toronto. After some work in the corporate world, she returned to the University of Toronto for an M. A. and a Ph. D. in Medieval Studies, specializing in English literature. Alexandra has taught university courses in Computer Science, in medieval European literature, and in English language and literature. When she is not working at CCVS, she is happily reading old books.

Don Churchill, Instructor

Don Churchill, CRI
Speedbuilding Instructor

Don spent the early part of his career working in Finance before switching to IT focusing on software support and instruction. He has been involved in corporate training for more than 20 years. Don is a Certified Adult Educator with a passion for helping his students to do their best. He is currently continuing his education because his philosophy is that you never stop learning and never should. His personal hobbies include travel to anywhere Disney related and spending time with his family and friends.

Alice Cooley, Instructor

Alice Cooley, PhD
English Instructor

Before coming to CCVS, Alice taught English at York University, Glendon College, and the University of Toronto. She wrote her PhD dissertation on private space in medieval love stories: how to get time alone together at King Arthur’s court, in fifteenth-century Oxford, etc. Alice also has an MA in Shakespeare Studies.

Sarah Elliott, Instructor

Sarah Elliott, B.Sc. (Hons), B.Ed., OCT
Medical Terminology Instructor

After receiving her B.Sc. in Zoology and Behaviour from the University of Toronto, Sarah spent several years as an educator at the Royal Ontario Museum before obtaining her teaching degree from York University. Following an extremely rewarding (if occasionally terrifying) year of teaching overseas, she returned to Toronto as a teacher-for-hire. Sarah currently divides her time between geeking out over Greek and Latin puns in Medical Terminology and teaching lessons to visiting students and teachers at the ROM. In addition to creating educational materials for CCVS, the ROM, and various other agencies, Sarah is also a writer, jewellery designer, and occasional food blogger.

Nancy Lee, Instructional Designer

Nancy Lee, B.A. (Hons), M.A., CRI
Director of Education/Instructional Designer

Nancy has worked in post-secondary education for over 6 years both as an instructor and as an instructional designer. She is experienced in eLearning, instructional design methodologies, adult learning principles, course development, and learning management systems. Prior to joining CCVS, she worked as an online Instructional Designer and developed courses for clients such as Northeastern University, George Washington University, Kentucky Virtual University, Abilene Christian University, and Woodbury College. She has also worked as a Quality Assurance Auditor, evaluating online courses according to eLearning standards and best practices. Nancy holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and is a certified Court Reporting Instructor.

Karen Mak

Karen Mak, B.Sc, B.Ed.
Phoenix Theory Instructor

Karen comes to CCVS with over four years of teaching experience educating intermediate students in English grammar and writing. She holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in English and Psychology and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto. Karen is a current member of the Ontario College of Teachers. She is also a recent graduate at CCVS and plans to continue speedbuilding to pursue her goal of becoming a realtime court reporter. Karen can currently write at 160 words per minute at 95+ percent accuracy. In her spare time, she enjoys musicals, movies, travelling, and trying out different types of cuisine. Karen is very excited about joining the team at CCVS and looks forward to sharing her experiences with the students.

Kelly Mercer, Administrative Assistant

Kelly Mercer, Diploma
Office Manager

Kelly graduated with honours from Trillium College, Peterborough Campus in the Medical Office Assistant Program. Prior to CCVS, she spent several years in the service industry; from which she gained valuable experience and transferable skills. Kelly joins the CCVS team with much enthusiasm and hope for expanding her knowledge on the industry of court reporting. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys baseball, outdoor activities, crafting, and cooking.

Kimberley John

Kelly Turner, B.A., CRI
Speedbuilding Instructor

Kelly is a realtime reporter and a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She worked as a court reporter in Calgary, primarily writing examinations for discovery. Prior to reporting, Kelly completed a B.A. in History from Concordia University in Montreal and worked for over ten years as a library technician. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys genealogy, improv, movies, music, and photography. She is excited to use her experience to help CCVS students become successful realtime writers!

Dan Winer, Registrar

Dan Winer, B.A. (Hons)

Dan comes to CCVS with several years of experience in sales and marketing. He received a B.A. Hon. In Cultural Studies as well as a Certificate in Marketing from York University. Dan has worked in marketing for corporations, local businesses, and charities within Toronto. Eventually, he would like to continue his education and receive an MBA in arts and media. Dan is excited to join the CCVS staff and hopes he can use his educational and professional experience to help guide and advise prospective and current students through this exciting career path.